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Download and install CCleaner on your PC then double-click on its shortcut on the desktop to open the application. Now from the left-hand window pane select Tools and then from the right window pane, you can find the list of all the installed programs on your system. Select the program which you want to uninstall then click on the “Uninstall” button from the right corner of the CCleaner window. You can also use Geek Uninstaller to force uninstall third-party applications as well as apps installed from the Windows Store. Simply open Geek Uninstaller then right-click on the application or program which won’t uninstall and choose “Force Removal” option from the context menu.

  • For GPUs with unsupported CUDA® architectures, or to avoid JIT compilation from PTX, or to use different versions of the NVIDIA® libraries, see theLinux build from source guide.
  • When in doubt, please consider one of the other installation methods, as they might be a better fit instead.
  • Windows ink is easy to reach via win+w and for getting a quick screenshot of a region, it is probably the best on-board tool, even without a pen.
  • In this tutorial I ‘ll show to you the easiest way to uninstall a program or a Windows Store app or a default preinstalled app in a Windows 10 based computer.

If your workflow consists of a lot of tasks that involve frequent screenshotting, you will find this guide quite helpful. Are these ways good enough to help you to make perfect captures? Your screen will blur out, and your mouse cursor will change to the crosshair.

How to uninstall apps using Settings

Choose the privacy settings you want to use for the PC and click Accept. Note that you can change your privacy options in Settings. When the “Let’s connect you to a network” screen appears, press Shift + F10 on your keyboard. Using two or three computers at the same time is no problem with Logitech Flow. You can automatically switch between computers just by moving your cursor to the edge of the screen. It also makes transferring text, images and files between your computers effortless—just copy on one and paste on the other.

There are a few reasons why Photos may not open on your computer. First, make sure that the Photos app is installed and up to date. If you’ve tried reinstalling the app, updating it, or uninstalling and reinstalling it, there may be a problem with your installation. Second, make sure that your photos are stored in a location that is accessible by the Photos app. Interestingly, this application is actually read more not just an application to delete programs or applications that are on a laptop. But it is also an application that can be used to monitor programs that you have downloaded on your computer.

PowerShell Method – Windows 10 How to Remove Uninstall Microsoft Store Apps | Best way to Delete MSI EXE Apps from Windows 10?

We’ll walk you through the many ways you can capture an image of your desktop, from pressing a few keyboard buttons to employing screen casting software. You can then click and drag and select the area that you want to save to the clipboard. So, if you require the above features, you may choose to try the tools we mentioned in the first part of this article. However, if you want to take a screenshot with little-to-no features required to tweak, the native methods should suffice. You just need to launch the search bar by pressing the Windows key + S and then type in “Snipping Tool“. You will notice the tool listed as shown in the image below.

Smartspace is a proprietary Google widget, but a basic form of it is available to Android partners. I’ve set the animation scales to 5X to lengthen the animations so the smartspace shared element transition is more visible. Android 12 introduced system-generated splash screens for application launches. However, developers discovered that launching an app from ADB, a deeplink, or a notification would result in a blank splash screen being shown without an icon. Google confirmed this behavior is intentional, as Android 12 only shows the splash screen when launching an app from the launcher. This way, client apps that just need sleep data won’t also need the raw sensor data needed to detect sleep events.


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