Intuit Merchant Services Review: Fees, Complaints & Lawsuits


intuit review

Once calling back again, they were then able to fix my problem when asked if I would have an issue moving forward I was told they couldn’t see into the future. I figured this is what I get for signing up with no monthly fees. But then last month a 12.95 fee hit my bank account no warning. Then this month a 14.95 fee hit my account.

intuit review

They took that feature away when the support ended and you can no longer do that. They are now forcing you to upgrade if you want to have that feature, even though I purchased the software and have a CD.

Intuit Field Service Management Software

I AM SO DISAPPOINTED WITH INTUIT. I will never recommend them to no one at all. Im very luck that my client believed in me and trust in me. I was lucky enough to have found a company who took care of my problem with in 24 hours and the are now enjoying the rate they charge and I still have my contract. Never again will i call you or use you for anything in the future. For all of you reading this do your home work first.

intuit review

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Financial Reporting

I demanded to talk to a supervisor, but nobody was available. After spending over a hour and half on the phone arguing with their customer representative, I was told that he would talk to his supervisor and call me back. Later the same day he called and told me that he had to “pull strings” but my account was running. Yesterday, Mother’s Day, historically the busiest day in our business our credit card processing wasn’t working!

  • After several months of using the card reader stopped working.
  • We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform.
  • Budgets are no longer broken out on mobile as a separate label.
  • They could not get anything right after being on the phone for 4 days with them.
  • 98% of employees would recommend working at Intuit.

We run a multi-million $ construction company. Do not be fooled by the no fee easy process. Spend the time and get a serious Credit card Merchant Service. Very awful, rates are high, and withhold money for very long time, I strongly Don’t recommend it. Now I come to find out that they have been charging the account monthly $45 for service that was cancelled. My business was a user of the Intuit POS and we had a merchant account with Intuit. Secondly people on this planet are dumb point blank.

Intuit QuickBooks Online Specs

Become a member of our remote expert tax or bookkeeping team and work online from your workspace—home or office. Help Intuit customers online through QuickBooks Live and TurboTax Live. Tax Experts As a TurboTax Live expert, you’ll work remotely helping TurboTax customers get their maximum tax refund and gain more confidence in their financial decisions. Bookkeeping Experts As a QuickBooks Live bookkeeper you’ll work from the comfort of your home, helping small businesses get the most out of using QuickBooks through virtual bookkeeping tools. Intuit continued charging my business a monthly fee by taking automatic debits out of my account for months after the account had been closed. Contacting Customer Service to resolve this was a nightmare, I was repeatedly put on hold and disconnected. Eventually I had to close my checking account.

intuit review

Furthermore my account states that my limit is $35,000/month (it also states that I can continue processing beyond $35,000 unless suspicious activity is detected). I have used quickbooks for intuit quickbooks about 25 years and have never processed more than $35,000/month yet all of a sudden i exceeded that in 2 days. My bank account has remained the same as well and all of a sudden that changes.

Sales and Expenses in QuickBooks

Ok after 25 minutes, I have been told I must cancel the entire contract and cannot cancel just the pin pad. I use now and have no complaints. Still cost some money, but I can figure the percent pretty easy. It was 2 transactions of a total 12k, but the transactions to much to handle for them.. Intuit only told two lies — not bad, huh — during this process. The latest upgrade has been causing a lot of users to have issues with their batches. It appears that their gateway has not been updated with their new API for P2P encryption, but their software side has.

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Know and research before you make a committment to these jokers! They charge a ton of service fees and “discounts,” take money from you with no warning, and when you call in to cancel a service, they keep charging you! Forget about getting your money within 24 hours, it can take up to 72 hours to get your money while they play around with it.

QuickBooks Desktop Payments

If I call them 10 times I get 10 different answers. As soon as this credit goes back to my customer I am done. I have lost credibility with my customer at this point. I have never taken credit cards before and now I am going to close my account and never take them again.

  • You can select a subset of those transactions and complete batch actions, like printing packing slips or sending reminders.
  • If you cancel for any reason, ever, you will be charged $295.
  • I was trying to process my customer’s monthly payments and it would not go through.
  • How do I care to have an online account when I have a desktop QB version which is fully paid for?
  • Eventually got to a supervisor who acknowledged they had problems with the launch and promised that my account was set up and she was sending out the reader.

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