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Transitions offers free housing for residents attending Transitions Outpatient Program. Each Transitions sober house provides comfortable and safe accommodations.

  • Founded in 2019 to fill a much-overlooked void in New York City, Release Recovery’s Women’s Program is a healing space for clients dealing with addiction and/or mental health concerns.
  • Women typically enter addiction treatment with much more severe medical, behavioral, psychological, and social problems.
  • The Home is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a residential community-based provider of substance abuse services.
  • I sought help from The Women’s Home knowing of their incredible encouraging program, I found love and support.
  • Volunteer work, relapse prevention groups, yoga, writing, meditation, crafts, cooking, academic and career support, etc.
  • These friendships grow stronger with time, and provide women with strong support networks that can be utilized once they’ve left our rehab programs.

Addiction is a disease, not a choice, and it is this outlook that will help reduce the stigma of women in recovery. In addition to the progressive differences listed above, women are often challenged by society and stigma while seeking treatment. This is due to the expectations that the world has set for females today.

Milwaukee Gender-Specific Sober Living

Many women choose to fight this battle alone and silently, rather than face the social stigma and shame in the public eye. It is your job sober house – as a spouse, parent, or friend – to support your loved one through these difficult times and to let her know you will not judge her.

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Women supporting women with recovery program.

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Shoreline Recovery for Women is not a place to get sober – it a place to LIVE sober. The houses are safe and offer a supportive place for women to live while discovering what they want to do with all the opportunities afforded by a life in recovery. Our homes offer women the opportunity to live in a peaceful and quiet shoreline setting while focusing on their recovery. Your health insurance company may not cover your stay in sober housing, but will often cover most of the costs of clinical services.

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I don’t believe I’d be sober today if it were not for you, the house, and the rules of Dignity House. Within two weeks of moving in, I had to find a job, a sponsor and go to at least five, 12 step meetings a week. Above all that, I had a house full of amazing women supports and friends.

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«Trauma resolution is relapse prevention.» Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association. A women-only home eliminates these problems by limiting your interaction with other sober women. Some homes are also covered by private insurance, government funding, and Medicaid. The amount covered by your insurance policy will depend on your plan. We operate on a sliding scale, and there is practically no-one we cannot help. Also providing limited scholarship programs based on situations and availability. Newly renovated home with nine bedrooms, four bathrooms and two fully equipped kitchens.

Typical Day at a Sober Living Home

Please call today to complete a free and confidential insurance verification and use your insurance to pay for outpatient treatment. The Women’s Home is a private, nonprofit, residential program for women who need structure and professional support in order to build sustained and long-term sobriety. We serve women— daughters, sisters, wives and mothers—who need structure and professional support in early recovery to build a solid basis for sustained sobriety. One of the most critical aspects of recovery is strong support from other women who have been in her situation in the past.

  • These shared life experiences enable you to support women while also getting support.
  • While recovery is unique for every woman, they also face common challenges which can only be addressed by a gender-specific program.
  • I also learned to ask for help, and help was always given to me.
  • Our goal is to provide safe housing for all who need it, with the comforts of home, and a feeling of close-knit peer support.
  • You’ll join the hundreds of women who have made positive changes in their lives at our sober home.

From the time your first phone call is received, we will guide you and provide information on finding a safe space and infinite recovery. You’ll find a comfortable, supportive environment at Ascension House. We provide support services, private rooms, a nurturing environment with a supportive community of women to help in your recovery process. You’ll join the hundreds of women who have made positive changes in their lives at our sober home.


Avenues New York sober living residents are encouraged to connect with their fellow residents, inspiring and supporting each other as they face challenges and celebrate triumphs together. Relationships, particularly intimate relationships, play a major role in why women use drugs and why women relapse in recovery. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration cites that women often use drugs for the first time with a person of significance, such as a boyfriend, in a private setting. Many women continue to use drugs afterwards because they feel it binds and upholds the relationship. Women who maintain relationships with partners who actively use drugs are at much higher risk of relapse, due to the lack of a supportive environment. The most obvious challenge that women face in recovery revolves around family. Women are often caregivers for their families, and have childcare responsibilities at home.

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WISH has an onsite, live-in house manager responsible for ensuring a safe, supportive, and healing environment. You’re not alone if you’re in need of a sober living environment as you navigate this next phase of your recovery.


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